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Jury SEA 2017

Top-class evaluation

It was important to us to put together an excellent jury for the SEA. We are very happy to have such a competent and diverse panel of judges for the SEA.

Pitching of the 15 finalists from the year 2016 before the SEA expert jury, investors and interested parties in the audience.


Dr. Catlin Powers

Chairman of the SEA jury, Co-Founder & CEO One Earth Designs and Programm Leader Center for Health & the Global Environment Harvard University

Sustainable entrepreneurship means building businesses that create value for people and planet while also generating profit.

Samuel O Idowu

Senior Lecturer in Accounting, London Metropolitan University, and Visiting Professor, University of Finance and Economics China

Sustainable Entrepreneurship is something close to my heart, very extremely special indeed to me.

Alexandra Adler

CSR Expert Group Speaker of WKO´s UBIT section Vienna

I think, it is highly important of showcasing those projects for encouraging and inspiring others. Risking a new, sustainable approach of doing business should be rewarded and highlightend – and must gain publicity for making those new approaches mainstream!

Stefan Grafenhorst

Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Manager Greiner Group

Innovations do not come out of the blue. They are the result of persistent work, people thinking out of the box and making an effort to choose the path less travelled.

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Prof. Dr. Haifeng Huang (PHBS)

Member of the Supervisory Committee of the Ministry of Land and Resources PRC, Executive Director in the Ecological Development Union International

Frank-Martin Belz

Chair of Corporate Sustainability, Technische Universität München - TUM School of Management

If we can better understand how new sustainable ventures emerge and thrive, we will be able to create the conditions for many more to develop in the future.

René Schmidpeter

International CSR expert

Sustainable entrepreneurship for me means using the positive effects and creative potential of running a business more than ever to achieve the sustainable development of our society.

Wilfried Sihn

Managing Director Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH
Sustainability is a keyword for Fraunhofer when it comes to shaping the future!For us it means working together with our customers towards a liveable future.In concrete terms this means supporting sustainable entrepreneurship through innovative research.The SE Award is a key element with regard to stressing the import of the topic again and again!

Lambert van Nistelrooij

Member of the European Parliament

Sustainable Entrepreneurship is about reaching a balance between social, financial, and ecological aspects in businesses.