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Werner Schrangl, AT

Managing Director of JOB-WORLD KG and Deputy Chairman of the CSR Dialogue Forum

How do you look into future development, when you think of the big challenges humankind has to face? (For example: the devastating consequences of Climate Change, pollution, overexploitation of our planet?

Considering these current immense global challenges, entrepreneurs have to pioneer in sustainable entrepreneurship. Only sustainable entrepreneurs have the power to unite the pursuit of profit with social responsibility. It is undisputed that businesses, which rely on sustainable management, can generate clear competitive advantages. Especially meaning to have future oriented business it is essential to act sustainable.

The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award (SEA) showcases and supports exceptional projects in the area of sustainability. What do you think of this initiative?

This Initiative is very important to introduce successful practical oriented business models to the broad audience (national and international). What makes the SEA unique is, that participation or nomination gives companies the chance to profit from media presence and creates positive image in public by presenting their role-model behavior and how sustainability is integrated in a business model.

In your point of view, which sectors are pioneering in sustainable Entrepreneurship and which sectors do have a race to catch up ahead of them?

The Austrian Agriculture and Forestry economy is in the international leading group regarding to sustainable efforts (especially the large number of organic- business, reducing greenhouse – emissions, sustainable applications of crop protection, e.g.) More top positioned field are e-mobility, sustainable financial economy (Fin Tec), as well as eco-efficient production of consumer’s goods as cosmetics, textiles and food. The fields of sustainable building, power generation from alternative resources as well as optimizing waste management massively need to catch up.

You are the CEO of Job World KG and deputy chairman of the CSR forum for dialogue. How does your strategy look like regarding to establish a new understanding in economy?

As CEO of JOB-World, sustainability is my area of responsibility and is also practiced by me. By doing so a foundation to a successful realization of sustainable activities is created. Acting sustainable means “to think one step ahead” and creating a liveable live with the same chances to our future generations. Considerate handling of resources is one of our corporate principles this means our staff is getting sensitized to for example the handling of office materials. (Misprints can be used as Memos, etc.)
Noteworthy is the family-oriented working time with individualized models and home office options, JOB-WORLD is using. Women in our company get motivated and encouraged to apply for leading positions and technical professions. Furthermore we are constantly investing in health support and further training for our staff.
Next to the classical employment agency Job-World represents a strong recruiter of special skilled workers in the field of green-technology. And our special engagement in the CSR forum for dialogue (Association to sustainable economy) has to be mentioned.

Politics, industry, society – who should be the driving force for the development of sustainable entrepreneurship?

In future times all these powers need to unite to make sustainable entrepreneurship the leading business model which brings profit to economy and society (against all boarders). Hereby we rely especially more than ever on innovative and responsible companies. Politics has to create a corresponding environment to support the development of sustainable business models.

How do you evaluate Austria’s position and value in this fight against Climate Change and other ecological Challenges?

In Austria a lot of entrepreneurs (especially Start Ups) have recognized the chances of sustainable Entrepreneurship and integrate sustainable aspects in their business strategies. Significant important are numerous “lighthouse” projects from different branches that function internationally as role model for corporate social responsibility and sustainable entrepreneurship.
Every showcased project stands for the sensitization and motivation of as many people as possible to sustainability and their role in taking action for themselves, to fight together against climate change and other large social challenges.

Each year the SEA honors outstanding projects/companies, which work with the principles of sustainable entrepreneurship. What has motivated you to support this idea?

The SEA – The award for particularly responsible business – is a great event, which gives valuable insight in sustainable business activities on national and international base. The strong network as well as the intensive exchange of experiences with the actors of the sustainability scene provide important impulse to innovation and ensure that (sustainable) ideas become successful.

In what way can each and every one of us contribute towards increasing the relevance of sustainable entrepreneurship? And making it THE business model of the future?

Sustainable Entrepreneurship has to become an integral part of every business strategy and every entrepreneur has to contribute to it. The topic of sustainable economy should be placed right with the management (Top-Down Approach), this means the management has to function as role model and has to motivate others to sustainable behavior both in the professional as well as in private routines. Because experiences made in a job environment have a large potential to be carried into the private environment and reach other people as well. Every single one can (and should) sharpen the awareness for sustainable and responsible behavior and communicate it.

Coming to our last question. Do you have a particularly impressive example for sustainable Entrepreneurship?

Iss Mich! (Eat Me!) Organic – catering serves vegetables and fruits that cannot be sold in supermarkets, mostly out of aesthetical reasons.  Those vegan and vegetarian meals can be ordered and are delivered to your office or home. Additional you can book Iss Mich! as event caterer, this concept of eating food instead of wasting it because it does not look nice is a very sustainable concept, and contributes to the challenge of food waste. The sorted vegetable is gently cooked into meals and packed into reusable jars. Delivery is via bike which creates no CO2 Emission. Furthermore in cooperation with social establishments, Iss Mich! Creates jobs for human beings, which have a more difficult access to the job market: e.g.: single mothers, long-term unemployed youths or immigrants.
This organic catering business inspires me especially with their innovative and special approach to the topic of food waste and includes sustainable entrepreneurship in their whole value chain.