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Viktor Wagner, AT

CEO REIWAG Facility Services GmbH

What does Sustainable Entrepreneurship mean for you personally?

An entrepreneur’s responsibility towards his environment.

In your view, how deeply is this way of thinking already anchored in society, especially in the minds of entrepreneurs?

This way of thinking is increasingly becoming accepted!

You are the founder of REIWAG Facility Services GmbH. What role do you think your sector plays in driving forward Sustainable Entrepreneurship?

Sustainable Entrepreneurship is of great importance especially for our sector and in particular for REIWAG Facility Services!

In what way can each and every one of us contribute to increasing the importance and value of Sustainable Entrepreneurship?

Simply by rational and forward-looking thinking!

How would you assess Austria’s role and position in the further development of Sustainable Entrepreneurship?

Austria is definitely one of the countries that are pushing ahead with Sustainable Entrepreneurship with conviction!

What benefit can companies derive from implementing Sustainable Entrepreneurship or integrating it in their core business?

Raising awareness of the future-oriented, healthy environment that will affect the next generation in particular is definitely a selling point in customer contact.

Every year SEA distinguishes entrepreneurs for exceptional projects which put Sustainable Entrepreneurship into practice.
What convinced you to support this idea?

It is impressive to see the commitment and success with which Ms Christina Weidinger champions this!

And the last question: what is the most impressive example of Sustainable Entrepreneurship that you particularly remember?

Almost every example at the Gala was spectacular, but I was particularly impressed by the activity of the young man who motivated young schoolchildren all over the world to plant trees!