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Matthew Olaide Adetunji, NG

Founder-EFBI (Food Banking and Investment e-Systems)

It is a behavioral business that cares for long-term safety of humankind and their environment as a means to making good productions for profitability.

What do you think, how firmly rooted is Sustainable Entrepreneurship already in people's thinking and, above all, in the actions of entrepreneurs?

Contrary to my definition of Sustainable Entrepreneurship, I think most entrepreneurs have only focus of making profit and not consideration for the people (customers) and their place of abode. They fail to understand that customers’ death is business dearth.

In your opinion, to what extent is it possible to reconcile being economically successful with creating added value for society?

It is until when we believe that creating added value for society enables best investment for economic success that is when we begin to develop towards a world best to live.

However, through law enforcement and civic education, entrepreneurs could me made responsible to always design their enterprises in such a way to create value-addition to people and their environment while they purse economic success.

Which sectors do you think are doing the most in terms of Sustainable Entrepreneurship, and which have a lot of catching up to?

I think most of the global NGOs are more enlightened about Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Think about Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, they support different projects that support human capacity development and ecology through small scale businesses. I think industries—producers of products without renewable solutions—are the earth plunderers. They may be producing good products for human good consumption without consideration for the environment or the biosphere people live.

What has to be done to gain more awareness in society and economy?

Let’s get the media attention through their programs; we can also attend conferences on journalism to make journalists understand the quest for sustainable entrepreneurship as the solution to sustainable future. Let’s get the attention of different national policy makers. Good sensitization and strong policy implementation to create sustainable entrepreneurs that seek after profitability through livelihoods development and clean biosphere. That answers it all.

Politics, industry, society - who should be the driving force for the development of Sustainable Entrepreneurship?

I think the one that has the highest power of implementation is in best position to take us to the best world we want to live. And that is the government or politics. The government can help in setting up policies and implementation that drive sustainable entrepreneurship among the industries and the society.

The SEA honors projects that are outstanding examples of Sustainable Entrepreneurship. What persuaded you to personally support this idea?

I see SEA as the best way to go in creating awareness and renewing commitments about sustainable entrepreneurship. The truth is that many projects would be informed to go the way of sustainable enterprise while the awarded ones will step up their commitment in sustainable entrepreneurship. I believe in Sustainable Entrepreneurship. I am passionate about sustainable livelihoods development and I care about having a world with safe environment and peaceful to live. I believe that world could be achieved through the concept of sustainable entrepreneurship—that is why I am joining SEA in order to form a global network of synergy that promotes Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

In what way can each and every one of us contribute towards increasing the relevance of Sustainable Entrepreneurship?

The best way everyone can participate in Sustainable Entrepreneurship is through our communication and commitment-to-action. When me as an individual can tell people about it and I practice it in my daily activities, then the whole world would soon be fully informed about sustainable entrepreneurship, and hence, its adoption.

And lastly, a personal question: Which is the most memorable SE project you've ever heard of - and why?

The best SE project I’ve ever heard about is that of Interface Inc. I consider this because the company does business by a way of sustainability which perfectly suites my definition of SE.

Interface’s vision reads, “to be the first company that, by its deeds, shows the entire industrial world what sustainability is in all its dimensions: People, process, product, place and profits — by 2020 — and in doing so we will become restorative through the power of influence.”

Ray C. Anderson was founder and chairman of Interface Inc., one of the world's largest manufacturers of modular carpet for commercial and residential applications and a leading producer of commercial broadloom and commercial fabrics.