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Julia Weinzettl, AT

Managing Director, Co-Founder Taskfarm

What does Sustainable Entrepreneurship mean to you personally?

The development of business models that combine both - revenue as well as social benefit. Sustainable Entrepreneurship is the vehicle for a change within and improvement of society.

The SEA honors projects that are outstanding examples of Sustainable Entrepreneurship. What persuaded you to personally support this idea?

The SEA is an important initiative that supports projects and generates awareness for Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

As managing director and co-founder of Taskfarm with long-term experience in the Internet Start-Up area…What role do Online networks in general and Internet Start-Ups in particular play regarding the development of sustainable economic activities?

Most internet startups are founded by a generation that grew up with lots of freedom and little to worry. These young people developed a different attitude towards their aims in life and their expectations from work. Building a profitable business is often equally important to making an impact on society.

Startups have a significant advantage as they have no production costs. Learnings and product improvements can be implemented quickly. A strong team using their manpower and benefit from the viral effects of social media can achieve a lot during a short period of time.

What advantages do companies have that implement Sustainable Entrepreneurship respectively integrate SE in their core business?

Credibility, increasing staff satisfaction and ultimately a market advantage are the benefits of implementing SE. The buying public has changed, social values have become often equally important as quality and price.

And lastly, a personal question: Which is the most memorable SE project you've ever heard of - and why?

Green rocket is an austrian crowdfunding company that helps to finance sustainable projects only. Another interesting austrian company is usetwice, a marketplace that enables you to rent or rent out any kind of object.