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Harald Stockinger, AT

Notary’s office Harald Stockinger

What does ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship’ mean to you personally?

To encourage companies to think about the future.

How deeply anchored is this mindset, in your view, in society, but most importantly of all in the heads of entrepreneurs?

Still too little – a change in thinking takes place slowly, if then with younger entrepreneurs.

Which sectors do you think are doing the most in terms of putting Sustainable Entrepreneurship into practice, and which still have a lot of catching up to do?

My feeling is that energy producers and packaging industry are forefront; catching up I see in auto industry and food trade.

You are owner of the notary’s office Mr. Mag. Harald Stockinger, which role does this organisation represent in the promotion of sustainable economic activity?

Personally, I often think what I can do with working sustainably in my office. In a notary’s office there is a vast amount of paper.

My employees have the instruction to print only something if it is really necessary. Many things can also be edited on the screen. Nowadays it is possible to build even a notarial act only in electronic form. The Austrian Notary has always been a pioneer in electronic legal relations.

Every day we hear from environmental disasters, we see the climate is changing dramatically. Do you personally think we can stop climate change yet?

I do believe that we still can slow the pace of climate change and delay with great effort, global warming, but we definitely cannot stop climate change.

How do you view the role and position of Austria in developing Sustainable Entrepreneurship further?

Austria is a pioneer in many areas in waste separation and recycling. Nevertheless, a large part of the population still lack of environmental awareness.

Every year, the SEA honours entrepreneurs for extraordinary projects which allow Sustainable Entrepreneurship to be implemented in practice. What convinced you to support this idea? 

To me environment protection is already for many years a big request. I would want, that my children grow up in a nice and worth living world like me.

What can existing companies do to become more entrepreneurial and at the same time focus on sustainability, and which benefits do companies have doing so?

There are many little aspects. Everybody can try to avoid using less plastic, garbage separate, save water etc.

And lastly, a personal question: Which is the most memorable SE project you've ever heard of - and why?

Earlier the organisation Fair Trade was a great example for me. The last year the commitment of the SE-Award of prize-winner Ocean Clean Up has impressed me because the pictures of the plastic mountains in our seas swim have deeply shocked me.