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Georg Kapsch, AT

President of The Federation of Austrian Industries

What significance has sustainable entrepreneurship as business-model within the industry?

I don’t know if you can already name it as a business model but sustainable development is a very plausible political vision within which many companies participate through their economic and social engagement.

The customers demand for sustainable companies and brands is enormous and will massively increase. How firmly rooted is sustainable entrepreneurship in the actions of companies?

In the last 15 years a range of models have been developed, which are focusing on the role of economy within society. The vision of sustainability is the most prominent among them and cannot be ignored. Economy is part of society.

Sustainability is one of the most important subjects in the 21st century. What benefits can sustainable Entrepreneurship provide to the business location Austria?

Especially to a high developed country like Austria the bond between economical, ecological and social performance is a critical success factor. It is appealing to businesses.

Politics, industry, society – who should be driving force for the development of sustainable entrepreneurship?

Sustainable development regards us all, sustainable entrepreneurship is the companies  contribution to it.

How do you evaluate the statement “SE is the necessary driving force to sustainable, innovative business growth in Europe !” After all over 99% percent of companies in Europe are small- and medium sized businesses?

I cannot appraise if sustainable entrepreneurship is THE driving force but it is a very important one in any case, which I wish to succeed.

The SEA – Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award honors international innovative and sustainable projects/companies, which create the world of tomorrow in a positive way and serve other entrepreneurs as example. How do you rate this initiative?

What I specially like about it is the international orientation. Thereby Austria is able to learn from different countries and showcase their innovation and knowledge on an international platform.

What does sustainable entrepreneurship mean to you personally?

It is what I do on a daily base: To work economical on societies means.